Lost Love Spells

Free Lost Love Spells

Similar to the different spells to get back, these lost love spells are meant to be used when a certain person became lost to you and you would like them back.

They’ll work if you broke up, but they’re more targeted to those situations when you lost your love because of life circumstances.

Enough chatter, here are my new lost love spells to assist you finding your romance.

 What To Use For Lost Love Spells 

  • A Compass lost love spells
  • Dry rosemary
  • Fresh Rose Petals
  • Square of white silk
  • A piece of hematite or lodestone
  • A vase
  • 3 sticks of incense
  • candle

How to cast Lost Love Spells

When you have lost touch with a loved one this spell may assist you in finding them. For this spell, you need a real compass with a little movable magnetic needle.

A GPS navigation device or an application on your phone won’t do. Set the compass on the altar table.

Given that you could see the directions, make the spell while facing west.

Set the stone at the top of the compass. Repeat the name of your lover over and over again.

After 3 days, you should start to see signs of where to find the missing love. You do not actually use the compass to point the way, in case you had been wondering.

Set the flower up in a vase. Light all 3 sticks of incense and the candle. Watch the incense smoke from the candlelight, and see how it rises up in the sky.

Visualize the smoke and your wishes traveling throughout the sky to find a man you’re searching for. Raise your hand over your head and just ask that your lost love be shown so that you can find them again.

Leave the incense to burn out, and never give up hope that your cherished one may be found.

we know the pain you going through while waiting for your loved one to return or surface.

If these simple lost love spells are not helping you with lost love, you may also try to contact us.

Let us help you cast powerful Lost Love Spells, and Return your lover.

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lost love spells

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