New Moon Love Spell

A new moon love spell to draw in a new romantic relationship
Light 3 red candles empty a container of seeds into a little pot, fill it with some soil. Plant a piece of rose quartz in the pot (or if it’s too big, next to the pot).

New Moon Love Spell Chants

On a piece of paper write a list of things you want in your new romantic partner. Specify about how you want them to make you feel, qualities/attributes they must have, even their name.

On the other side, make a list of qualities you will bless this brand-new person with (I will make them feel listened to, I utilize my culinary presents to make them delighted, I’ll share my love of movies with them). When you’re done, seal this paper in a red envelope.

New Moon Binding Love Spell

Sleep with the red envelope under your pillow till whatever you planted is big enough to replant outdoors. Burn the envelope and bury the ashes with the plant.

Each time you pass by your plant or make certain the envelope is tucked under your pillow, advise yourself about what you hope to both give and gain in your new romantic relationship.

New Moon Love Spell

New Moon Love Spells – Specific person

Make sure you have a private room to perform the routine where you will feel safe and undisturbed. You can carry out this new moon love spell alone or with your partner unknowingly. However, if you are performing this one alone, you should have a private personal room to do this so that your partner doesn’t know.

Should you feel uncomfortable or unsure about casting this new moon love spell please whats App us so we can cast for you fast and effective.

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