New Moon Rituals For Letting Go

A new moon ritual for letting go and carry on from somebody who has broken your heart:
Find an image of the individual you would like a “new beginning” from. Take a match and burn the bottom of the photograph and set it on a fire-resistant plate or dish so that it will burn. While you see the image burn, imagine the ending of your relationship and how the strong feelings you feel now will transform like the image is turning to ash.

New Moon Rituals For Letting Go

How To Cast A New Moon Ritual

When the photo is done burning and the ash is cool enough to touch, go outside and bury it into the earth so that your old relationship can be part of something that grows into something brand-new. You gonna experience the power of New moon rituals for letting go.

New Moon Shower Ritual

You can likewise do a new moon bath as a ritual. Run a hot bath and surround it with 4 white candles (to signify north, south, east, west). Under each candle place a small paper on which you’ve composed your heart’s desire for the month to come.

New moon rituals for letting go; In the bath, add Himalayan sea salt and white sage leaves. As you soak, relax and picture the month to come and your desires coming to fruition.

Do New Moon Rituals Work?

You don’t have to believe in magic to believe in to carry out New moon rituals for letting go. When you carry out New moon rituals for letting go, you take the time to stop and believe plainly about what you want in life and focus for an extended period of time on that objective.

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