Simple Love Spells

Simple Love Spells

Simple love spells are among the best ways wherein you’re able to draw affection or enhance your existing relationship. These spells are divided into two categories: white magic charms and black magic charms. White magic love spells consist of Wiccan spells that use favorable energies. Black magic consists of voodoo spells that use negative energies for something done.

White Love Spells vs Black Magic

Love Affair With Personal Things – The white magic love charms are reportedly the relatively better ones since there are no adverse effects if the charm is not done properly. Nevertheless, in the case of black magic simple love spells you might need to face dire consequences for your charm casting if you do something wrong.

Simple Love Spells Using Pictures
Simple Love Spells

There are several spells that need to be achieved with a few objects. These items may include personal items, pictures,  hair, blood and/or clothes. This makes this simple love spells more valuable. Using private items involve the use of your very own or your fan’s personal items. The use of personal items makes the spell more powerful. Simple spells using private items. These items include your lover’s diary, garments, glasses, watch, etc.

Cast Spells Without Candles

Love Spells Using Personal Things – that’s a spell to pull someone. You should do that spell on a brand new moon night around midnight. If possible then you need to carry out this charm close to a free-flowing stream of water. Invoke love Gods by taking the name and inform them about your true intention of the spell.

Simple Love Spells Candle Magic

Place a black candle and a white candle. Now put your lover’s private item between the two candles. First, light the black candle and say the following: I wish that you remove any obstacle that’s coming between me and my lover. Then visualize that all the pessimism is being evaporated to the air and going away. Now light the white candle and say the following:

I would like you to bring us closer together in order that we may live happily forever more.

When casting these simple love spells imagine that there’s pure white light that’s surrounding you or your lover. Take a small bot and put your lover’s private item inside it. Hold fresh lavender from your hands and after that picture you or your lover together. Then close the bottle. Now place this little bottle between the white and black candles. As you see the flames, think about how you want your relationship to be.

Powerful Spells Using Hair

Make certain to keep the bottle close to you until what you imagined becomes reality. Simple love spells using personal things – There are various charms using strands of hair. You require a single hair strand or lots of strands of hair, either yours or your lover’s. Since hair is part of the body, it’s considered a strong tool in a love spell.